The TRINFICO Investment Group has been presentin the financial markets since 1993. Wehave experience in cash management of public and large private corporations, macro-funds and credit institutions.

placement of temporarily disposable monetary resources

TRINFICO Investment Group offers a wide range of financial instruments for the temporary placement of funds of corporate clients. Depending on the amount and currency of the deposited funds, the investment horizon, liquidity requirements and risk tolerance, the investment portfolio may include instruments such as bonds, Eurobonds, structured notes, mortgage loans, rental property, and shares of Russian and foreign companies. We carefully analyze the needs of our clients, and in each specific case, we offer the most effective solution – in terms of balance between risks and returns.


Independently managing your own portfolio of securities or foreign currency hedging, may not prove very efficient, or require the hiring of expensive professionals. We offer investment-consulting services. After analyzing yourcurrent investment portfolio, we will offer recommendations to optimize the investments structure, and will also support the process of asset allocation during the entire period, in order to achieve your goals.

Asset Management Company TRINFICO
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