Management of endowment funds – is an important direction of activity for the TRINFICO Investment Group. The basis for this type of cooperation is always a deep understanding of the needs and the specific activities of our partners.;


We offer the most effective investment solutions,based on the current size of the endowment, the rate of growth and anticipated spending policy. In forming the investment portfolio, we apply the ALM (Asset Liability Management) methodology. This approach involves the selection of the best financial instruments that will provide the most effective implementation of planned obligations to pay out income on the endowment. Our strategies are always individual, tailored to the specific wishes of the client, as well as being able to adapt flexibly to the decisions of an investment committee, if one exists at the endowment fund.


Investments into real estate are the most effective and natural way to preserve an endowment from the ravages of inflation. TRINFICO IG creates investment products based on institutional quality the commercial real estate. These objectsare characterized by stable rental revenues, the presence of international tenants and professional management. Demand for high-quality facilities does not drop even in times of economic crisis, and their owners continue to receive a steady income in hard currency. The high cost of these objects (an average of 100 million USD) does not allow many investors to purchase them outright. TRINFICO Investment Group offers endowment funds participation in such projects jointly with large Russian and international investors.

global markets investments

Reducing the risks of the investment portfolio is ensured by its diversification across issuers, industries andcountries. The share of foreign securities in the portfolios of American endowment funds is about 18%. Russian law on endowments also enshrines the right of an endowment fund to invest in foreign securities, but the imperfection of otherregulations makes it impossible to directly implement such an investment. TRINFICO IG offers an effective instrument for investing in global markets – the TRINFICO Global.ru Mutual Fund under the management of TRINFICO Management Company CJSC. The inclusion of mutual fund shares in an investment portfolio of an endowment fund will significantly reduce its non-systemic risks and increase expected returns.

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